Welcome to Opera on the Lake

A word from Founder and Creative Director, Anne Wieben:

Welcome to Opera on the Lake! The name says it all: first-rate, world class opera performances in true Minnesota style- on the lake!

I am a Minnesota girl and an alumna of the University of Minnesota. During my time at the U, I decided to study abroad in Vienna, Austria. All these years later, I am still there, working as a professional opera singer.

In my years as a performer, I’ve been lucky enough to perform on some of Europe’s biggest stages. Yet some of the most exciting productions I’ve ever been a part of were in the most unexpected places: Mozart in a nightclub, a newly composed opera in an old canning factory, operetta at a swimming pool. Opera can happen anywhere, and it is this idea that I want to bring back home to Minnesota in the most Minnesotan way possible; enter Opera on the Lake!

Our premiere production, Die Fledermaus, was a huge success, thanks to our fans and our generous donors. We had a remarkable turnout, and I’m so grateful and excited to see the enthusiasm with which the Twin Cities accepted this project. I’m thrilled to announce that we will be back at the end of July, 2021 with a concert series of bubbly operetta repertoire, full of Minnesota fun. More info coming soon!

See you in 2021!

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