SUMMER 2023: Die Csárdásfürstin

Pioneer Press: Opera on the Lake’s ‘Die Csárdásfürstin’ is breezy summertime fare
– Sheila Regan, July 27, 2023

“Founder and creative director Anne Wieben, originally from Minnesota and now based in Vienna, has written original dialogue that is spoken in English between the German songs. With no supertitles in this outdoor production, the spoken text helps orient the audience with what’s happening in the story. It also offers opportunities for humor, and Wieben splashes in pop cultural references, and drops in local place names, like the Zorba’s on Otter Tail, for a humorous effect……Wieben’s text captures the absurdity of the original plot while adding a modern spin.
……great singers, performing on a stripped down but glittery set, and a great message about character trumping money and prestige.”

at Opera On The Lake
-Jared Fessler, July 29, 2023
“The set was simple with sparkly elements, as well as the costumes. Anne added dialogue to this production, and this helped audience members follow the storyline. She also included many Minnesota references that audiences always enjoy. Anne sticks to the storyline but adds modern elements to it that work.”

Twin Cities Arts Reader: Opera On The Lake’s Anne Wieben And Redesigning Scandalous Stage Marriages
-John Anderson, July 20, 2023

“I do love to make my productions something the audience can relate to, and it is in the true style of operetta to make it so. In this version, Sylva is the leading lady at the fictional “Fledermaus Cabaret” in the Twin Cities, about to embark on a European tour. The music is sung in the original German, and I created a brand new English (or, shall I say, Minnesotan) dialogue so audiences will not only know what is going on, but have a few laughs along the way.”

SUMMER 2022: Die Lustige Witwe

Twin Cities Art Reader:
Opera On The Lake Returns With The Merry Widow
– Amy Donahue – July 24, 2022

As Minnesota’s foremost authority in performing Viennese operetta – and more than a decade of experience performing this repertoire in Vienna – Anne Wieben brings a wealth of insight into The Merry Widow‘s moods, rhythms, and humor, suffusing the production with a tug that pulls you in. Throw in the gorgeous score and catchy songs, and it’s The Merry Widow better than you’ve ever imagined it before.

Pioneer Press: Opera on the Lake Gives “The Merry Widow” the Minnesota Treatment, dontcha know
-Sheila Regan, July 27 2022

“Original spoken dialogue by founder, director and star Anne Wieben gets interspersed with the sung German libretto, creating an accessible entry point….but Opera on the Lake’s secret is its marvelous singers.”

Broadway World Interview: Anne Wieben of
Opera On The Lake

-Jared Fessler July 5, 2022

SUMMER 2021: Operetta Under the Stars

Twin Cities Art Reader: Opera On The Lake Strikes Back

 Amy Donahue – July 27, 2021

“It’s summer in Minnesota, which means it’s officially Lake Time. By the lake, in the lake, on the lake – we’re not the Land of 10,000 Lakes for nothing. This makes the return of the Opera on the Lake festival to Lake Como this week as natural as sweet corn at the State Fair.

SUMMER 2019: Die Fledermaus

Star Tribune: Opera goes to the lake this summer with a new company opening in St.Paul
– Terry Blain, July 22 2019

“Opera on the lake makes charismatic debut with Die Fledermaus”
– Callie Cooper, Schmopera, July 26, 2019

School of Music alumna Anne Wieben launches Opera on the Lake
– July 9, 2019